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25th June 2024 

How does psychotherapy work?

The confidential space enables you to begin to speak about anything. In the first session you may outline what brings you to therapy. If you decide to take it up, a regular time and fee is agreed.

Can anyone have counselling and psychotherapy?

Many people benefit from therapy at some point in their lives. A troubling life event or crisis may have brought challenges to particular view of oneself. 'I don't know who I am anymore', or it may be a desire to slow down and take the time to reflect on things. Therapy can help take stock and revalue what's important without any preconceived agenda.

Difficulties may be causing tensions at work or in your relationships, or there may be feelings insecurity or anxiety about your sense of worth and place in the world.

If you have suffered periods of depression or a breakdown there may be doubt in your mind about whether you can share this with another person. You may be left with questions such as; what's the point?, how can I put anything right? Or what can I look forward to in my life?

Is there a goal or an outcome?

Just staying with problems, conflicts and difficult feelings helps to find a bearing on what might have seemed overwhelming. There is no quick or magic cure but there is often a considerable lessening of anxiety. After a while, people who have had experience of therapy find greater enjoyment and direction in life and an increased capacity to be thoughtful about the challenges and struggles that they may face.