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21st April 2024 


I offer a coaching service for professionals who have a particular business, career or educational challenge they need help with. This is a highly interactive approach and a session will usually be 1 and 1/2 hours. Sessions can be arranged either in person or online.

I also consult on problems and impasses in staff and management teams. My approach is to appraise what is creative in your approach, what might be frustrating it, and to discover ways of reframing problems and releasing energy. It's very much a co-operative enterprise using everything that I have learned from psychoanalysis, group analytic work and theatre.

Training and Continuing Professional Development

I teach regularly on psychoanalytic trainings and I will be starting an independent seminar for anyone interested in recent developments in contemporary psychoanalysis. As well as studying the developments in relational psychoanalysis since the 1980s we will also look at seminal texts which continue to inform theory and clinical practice today.

In the group we will also aim to create a space where it is possible for members to discuss their clinical work.

You can email or call me if you are interested in joining the seminar.


From time to time I write articles and reviews on subjects related to psychoanalysis and psychotherapy. Click here to visit my blog.